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The ((Yoga)) 0f Yoga Podcast.

((Evolving Yoga))

Answering the ((Call)) of ((Yoga)) means we have to get ((Humble)) to ((Yoga)).  Sure, it can be presented as a stretching and breathing exercise that's good for your health... but what if this way of practicing "yoga" is actually blocking us from ((accessing)) the ((True Power)) of ((Yoga))? Join Näthan Gangadean as he takes you into the ((Evolving Practice)) you may not have known is the Original ((Call)) of ((Yoga))!



((Human Up)) Podcast

An honest endeavor towards a more awakened ((Human))

There are so many ways that Humans needlessly suffer. Most of these ways can be traced back to the same core addiction to a dysfunctional way of thinking. Many life coach types attempt to address the problems on the symptomatic level without ever addressing the profoundly deep, and difficult to ((see)) root cause.  In other words, Thinking positive is just not powerful enough. We HAVE to Zoom out further than we ever have. Join Näthan as he lightheartedly explores some of these deep themes that we all experience but don't always know how to express.

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((A Perfect Union)) Podcast

Pioneering the way to ((We The People))

Piggy backing on their recent Youtube series,

"((1776 Now))~Our unfinished American R-Evolution,"

the new ((A Perfect Union)) Podcast is a chance to hang out with Ashok and Näthan in the fast-paced, high-voltage, modality in which they daily converse as they develop the ((Source Science)) needed to realize our ((Perfect Union)).