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**WARNING** before you watch...

The gloves are off.  Like it or don't like it.  The Truth is that Yoga, like all Wisdom, is being undermined by a kind of deep institutionalized misunderstanding of what it really is.  This is leading to the ubiquitous malpractice of "yoga-practice" itself and the "teaching" of it, compounded with an increasingly shameless marketing of what is essentially the cheapening and misrepresentation of Yoga... and all in the name of yoga.

      This can go on no longer in a covert manner, under the guise of blissful ignorance, due to the lack of someone calling it out.  It's time to ((Grow Up)).  This is not about our businesses, or our personal need to "feel good" about ourselves... This is about protecting and honoring the ((Sacred)) and the ((Authentic)) ((Medicine)) of ((Yoga)) which is being eclipsed by the normalized abuse of ((Yoga))... What I call... "Pop yoga".

      So proceed to watch... but beware... the longer you watch, the less you will be able to go back to ignoring what is happening to ((Yoga)), ((Meditation)), ((Mindfulness)) and ((Wisdom)).  Because they're all being desecrated by their "pop" counterparts... even if one doesn't mean to...  and most people don't.  And this ((Yoga Class)) makes that quite clear.

      Yoga teachers, life coaches, healers, wisdom celebs, shamans... you will have to be the bravest to watch this.  But if you can make it through, you will be able to take your teaching, healing, and helping to a whole new ((Level)).
It's time to ((Upgrade)).

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