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((1776 Now)) Table of ((Contents))


•((America The Beautiful)) ~ Rendered by SAITH

•Heart-to-Heart with Ashok Gangadean

•((1776 Now)) Invitation ~ with Näthan Gangadean

         ~Plus "Man in the Mirror" and "For What it's Worth" Music videos

•A Call to ((Vote)) for the First Time ~ with Ashok Gangadean


((Part 1)):

•Episode 1 ~ It’s Time for the ((American R-Evolution))

•Episode 2 ~ Are We “Land of the Free”?

•Episode 3 ~ Are We Really “One Nation”?
         ~ ((Imagine)) Cover Performance By SAITH
         ~((The Soul)) Original Song by SAITH
         ~((Now’s the Time)) Original Song by SAITH



((Part 2)):
•Episode 4 ~ Are We Truly a Democracy?
         ~((Man in the Mirror)) Cover Performance by SAITH
         ~((Redemption Song)) Cover Performance by SAITH
         ~((Children Of The Sun)) Featuring SAITH

•Episode 5 ~ The /Matrix/ Effect

          ~((For What It’s Worth)) Cover Performance By SAITH
         ~((Blowing In The Wind)) Cover Performance By SAITH
         ~((step Outside)) Original Song by SAITH

•Episode 6 ~ Are We the Land of Ideology
         ~((Child Of The Heart)) Original Song by SAITH
         ~((Hold On, Let Go)) Original Song by SAITH

         ~Whitney Houston’s Star Spangled Banner Performance 1991 (Recommended Video)



((Children of the Sun)) New Music Video to Remastered Song

The Seven Stages Of ((Deep Dialogue))


((Part 3)):

•Episode 7 ~ A /House Divided/
           ~((Loving It All)) Original Song by SAITH
          ~((So Free)) Original Song by SAITH
          ~”Angel” Original Song by FREEDOM

•Episode 8 ~ A ((House United))

           ~((Wake Up)) Original Song by SAITH
          ~(( /Relayshun/ )) Original Song by SAITH
          ~((Already Here)) Original Song by SAITH

•Episode 9 ~ ((We The People))
          ~((America The Beautiful)) Rendered by SAITH
         ~((She’s Holding You)) Original Song by SAITH

         ~((We Are The World)) Cover Performance By SAITH

((Closing Song)):

((Angel)) ~ by FREEDOM ~ A Cover Performance by SAITH

((Bonus Videos)):

•((Heart-to-Heart)) with Ashok Gangadean (Abridged version)

•Why /Democracy/ Fails, and What We Can Do To Heal It

•Why /Activism/ Fails

•Meet Ashok Gangadean ~ A ((Global Philosopher))

•Ashok in Wilmington (2 parts) ~ ((A More Perfect Union))

•Birth 2012 Declaration of Interdependence

•Declaration of Interdependence (12.21.12 and 12.22.12)

•Post 2016 Election: Deep Dialogue Medical Diagnosis: Town Meeting

•Global Philosophy ~ TEDx

•All Life is Interconnected ~ Ashok Gangadean from “Thrive”

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