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A Word from Näthan's Students

Conny Moore

Näthan is the best yoga teacher, by far, I've ever had! So congruent, sensitive to the present in himself and in the client (me), expressively even poetic and always himself, he seems to have a channel which is open and honest. I feel at one with myself and the universe, in touch with the beauty and peace and rightness all around and in me. Transforming yoga experiences!

Maria Salvatore

These sessions got me thinking at a deeper level of consciousness. I was feeling very stuck in teaching yoga and having a tough time connecting. After a few sessions with Näthan, I felt more confident in my teaching yoga and things did begin to shift. I started to access ((source)) in many areas of my life, not just teaching. Working with Näthan was truly inspiring, he is extremely passionate for his work, really connects and has a wonderful way to connect with people... Really compassionate and listens.. His program is wonderful...

Manette Hansen

My husband and I enjoyed a number of yoga sessions together with Näthan. We found his approach to the practice of yoga both refreshing and peaceful due to his innate capacity to guide movement with breath and purpose, going within. We are both novices, yet found each session an experience of deepening of our spiritual well-being, along with improving our physical health. I would highly recommend Näthan as an instructor of excellence.

Rick Baker

I’ve taken yoga classes with Näthan for over a year.  Näthan teaches from a deep understanding and appreciation of yogic philosophy.His teaching style reveals gentleness and sensitivity as well as passion and energy. His enthusiasm also seems to reveal a genuine desire for everyone to understand the teachings. I experience yoga in his class as one deep continuous flow where time stands still. I think everyone, beginners and advanced yogis, could benefit from Näthan’s experience and perspective.


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